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Empowerment Through Education and Training for Development and Sustainability of Climate Change and Food Security

Mission Statement

Aid Foundation Inc. aims to promote the present and future generational leaders' talents in collaboration with national and international partners in fostering the agenda of disadvantaged people and advocating for human rights, climate change, and food security. We stand to work and serve humanity anywhere around the world.


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Five-Pillar Program

Ensure the futures of men, women, and children from around the world. At Aid Foundation Inc., we follow a five-pillar program that addresses the needs of disadvantaged people in foreign countries. We provide them with essentials, such as food and water, and educate them about climate change and food security. By meeting the needs of the less fortunate and educating them about the current state of the climate, we can ensure a better future for them and generations to come. Read More »

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Based in Worcester, MA, and Serving North America, South America, and Africa

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